Relocation Services

Relocation Services

Though Singapore is a highly attractive place for establishing a company, the government has tightened the rules and regulations for new foreign companies. Jaanik handles the hassles of relocation for you while helping you to make the best use of your abilities. Apart from company incorporation services, we will also enable you to get an Employment Pass, Singapore PR and citizenship that will further the growth of your business.

Jaanik’s Work Visa Services

As a licensed employment agency with MOM, we provide you with a wide range of visa processing services. Our services include:

  • Reviewing your application
  • Liaising with MOM on your behalf
  • Applying for your relevant work pass
  • Dealing with your renewals
  • Tracking the status of your application

As a foreigner in Singapore, you will be required to get your work visa approved before you are allowed to legally work in this country. The professionals in Jaanik enable you to obtain the relevant visa based on your requirements. The table below illustrates our work pass services.

S Pass If You are a mid-level skilled worker employed by a company in Singapore, we help you procure the S Pass. To be eligible for an S Pass, you should hold a relevant degree, work experience and earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $2,400.
Work Permit (WP) Work Permit is provided to semi-skilled workers from certain approved countries for in-demand sectors in Singapore. The worker is allowed to work only for an employer and a specific occupation.
Employment Pass (EP) If you hold a managerial or an executive job with a fixed monthly salary of $3,900 (updated by MOM in May 2020), you will be eligible for an employment pass. You need to possess a good qualification and a specialized skill set to apply for an EP.
Entrepreneur Pass (EntrePass) If you are into R&D-intensive enterprises, you may apply for the EntrePass. Note that your EntrePass has a validity of 1 year and there are no minimum salary criteria to be eligible.
Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) If you earn a fixed monthly salary of at least $12,000, you may apply for the Personalised. Employment Pass (PEP). The important benefit of PEP is that you do not require to reapply for a pass if you switch to another job. If you leave your current job, you will also be allowed to stay in Singapore for 6 months (without employment) while you search for a new job.
Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) Any employment or S Pass holder with a monthly salary of $6000, is eligible to apply for a Long Term Visit Pass for their family. You may apply LTVP for your common-law spouse, unmarried step-child under 21 years or a handicapped child over 21 years.
Dependent Pass (DP) As an EP or an S Pass holder with a fixed monthly salary of at least $6000, you will be eligible to apply DP for your immediate family. The validity of the DP depends on the status of your work pass.
Letter of Consent (LOC) Dependents of EP, PEP and EntrePass holders are eligible to work in Singapore and need to apply for a Letter of Consent. LTVP holders married to Singaporeans or PRs are also eligible for LOC. However, dependents of S Pass holders, if they seek to work, can apply for a work permit, S Pass or EP.
Work Holiday Pass Undergraduates between 18-25 years who have studied in a reputable university in Australia, France, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Japan, Switzerland, the United States or the United Kingdom are eligible to apply for this visa. Holders of this pass will be permitted to stay and work in Singapore for 6 months.
Multiple Journey Visa If you are a business executive or an investor, the multiple journey visa will enable you to visit Singapore for multiple numbers of times within the visa validity period.
Miscellaneous Work Pass If you seek to visit Singapore in the short-term for a seminar, religious event or workshop, you will be eligible for the Miscellaneous Work Pass. You are required to be sponsored by a society or an organization based in Singapore.

While we help you secure work passes based on your qualification and experience, our experts will also guide you in procuring a Singapore Permanent Residence (PR) and citizenship. We will work with you every step of the way and ensure that you comply with all the procedures required to obtain the pass of your choice. Contact us NOW for assistance on Work Pass.