Registered Office Services

Registered Office Services in Singapore

To incorporate a business in Singapore, you need to have a registered office address. Jaanik enables you to comply with this statutory requirement. We offer you a registered office address or a virtual address that you can use to register your business. You will then have to enter this registered address in your application form for company incorporation and submit it to ACRA. The registered address can be used in your company’s official documents, letterheads, banks, customers and other documentation.

Criteria for Registered Office Address

As per ACRA, you will be required to fulfill the following criteria for a registered office address.

Physical Office You should have a physical office address located in Singapore and not a P.O. Box
Accessibility Your office should be accessible to all stakeholders and customers at least for 5 business hours on a working day
Correspondence With the physical address in place, the regulatory authorities and banks can correspond and communicate with your company on important aspects like government policy changes and annual filing
Inspection Regulating agencies may pay a visit to your office to inspect your documents and company folders
HDB Home Office

Some entrepreneurs may seek to use their home address as their registered office address. You may do this under the Home Office Scheme with URA or HDB. However, you may need to consider certain aspects before deciding on the home office as a registered address:

Restrictions on Certain Business Activities: Certain businesses such as manufacturing, courier services, beauty services and marketing are not permitted to have a home office. Therefore, you will have to carry out adequate research before paying administrative fees.

Minimum Working Hours: As businesses need to keep their offices open for at least 5 hours on a working day, you need to take that into account before setting up a home office.

Compromise on Privacy: If you use your home address, you will have to compromise on your privacy as your address will be easily accessible to the public.

Given the restrictions involved in using your home as an office, you may decide to go for a virtual office while conducting your business operations from home. A virtual office offers a perfect blend of corporate professionalism with the comforts of a home office. Read on to learn more.

Virtual Office

If you are concerned about the high office rents and seek to use your money cautiously, you may choose our virtual office services. Jaanik will enable you to set up a virtual office within a short period. We offer you the following services.

  • A registered address for your office
  • Mail forwarding and notification
  • Webinars
  • Instant chats
  • Cloud-based applications
  • Phone lines
  • Meeting room
  • Video conferencing facilities
Benefits of Virtual Office

While virtual office address benefits foreign corporates conducting businesses in Singapore, it also helps small and medium local companies to advance their business goals. By setting a virtual office with Jaanik, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Economical and Budget-friendly

If you are an entrepreneur conducting business in Singapore from your home country, your working hours may be different from the office hours here. Our virtual office address services will help you in overcoming this time difference. We ensure that you will be able to access and reply to your emails on time.

Office in Prime Location

While you may not have a physical office in Singapore’s bustling business area, Raffles, Jaanik does. And we will let you make full use of our office to fulfill your business purposes. You may invite your prospective clients, suppliers and investors for a virtual meeting in our office, thus impressing them with your professionalism. You may also print this address in your letterheads and business cards.


As a registered entity in Singapore, you will receive emails from government authorities, banks and other institutions. We scan these emails to your platform. Thus, you do not have to put up with the hassles of paperwork.

Jaanik is one of the most reliable and cost-effective virtual office providers in Singapore. By engaging us for virtual office services, you may devote more of your time towards your business expansion, branding, research, product development and company management.

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