Payroll And HR Service

Payroll And HR Service

Payroll and HR service are very important aspects of the very company and without it; there will be a hassle in the company. If your company facing issue and have no time for the service then you can easily use it for the service. We prove to be a corporate partner for a variety of companies in Singapore whether its size is big or small. To maintain payroll and HR processes in the business is very important and we provide full support for the service so you can easily manage another task of the company with ease.

Payroll is the process in which a company provides the salary to employees working and it needs accurate calculation otherwise it can disturb them. Then this adversely affects the production rate of the company. HR (Human Resources) is the management system that looks after the whole company and its task. Then the only company can run smoothly without any issue and grow with high speed. Our team helps to manage your business effectively by practicing the best of HR and Payroll. We help business owners to get aware of the Singapore Employment Act so that they can ensure that proper rules and regulations are followed.

It is very important for employment as they are the backbone of the company. When you manage them with profit then the only business can gain success. Even their rewards, benefits, and motivation affect their performance as well as of the company. Our expert and professional team have deep knowledge about the industry and allow to enjoy high-quality outcome for the company. We always pay attention to the changes made by the government so that the company can opt service according to it can run without any hassle.

Payroll Services

In the payroll service, clients can also grab many other benefits such as:

  • Annual leave calculation and deduction
  • Process bonus and other payments
  • Employee information database
  • Generating GIRO payment files
  • Donations to the CPF Board.
  • Employee payroll files
  • Reporting
  • Processing of salary and other contribution
HR Services Singapore

In the HR services, you can opt for services such as:

  • We help a business owner to get familiar with the components of the Singapore Employment Act. This includes benefits, health insurance, leave, hiring of interns, age restriction, termination, and many other things related to run a company.
  • It helps to start the company with the required numbers of employees and reach success.
  • Our company also provides additional services such as HR crisis management and HR transformation.
  • We also make sure that the company gets to know all terms as per the statutory requirements of the Singapore Employment Act.
  • Our company also assists you in identifying the right type of employee with proper skills for company growth.

Feature of the payroll services in Singapore

Payroll processing

The best thing about our company, we use update software for managing the payroll process. We carry out the whole process with the legal provision so that no-one can complain about a single thing.

Allowance and Deduction management

We manage the whole process of payroll with proper deduction and allowance. This way we can calculate accurate remuneration of every employee.

Reports preparation

After doing the whole process we also prepare a report which includes, payment made, deduction, rewards, and many other details so that the company owner can understand things easily.

Why choose our company for the services

In the market, you can easily explore a variety of companies offering payroll and HR services in Singapore. But you have to choose the best one to grab the accurate functioning without any issue.

  • We provide services for both home and big companies.
  • The company also provides a manageable payroll and HR service without any hassle.
  • For us, it does not matter whether your company is big or small our main motive is to provide service so you can get value for the work.
  • Our services are affordable and reliable for a variety of businesses.
  • We provide services according to the size of the company.
  • Our company also offers payroll solutions in Singapore to manage all things in the future with ease.

In-sum we believe in the delivery of high-quality work and make things easy for business owners.

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