MOM Work Passes

MOM Work Passes

MOM is known as a Singapore authority for working. The full form of MOM is the Ministry of Manpower. It requires entire foreigners who would like to work in this country should apply for Work Pass-through MOM online portal.

There are a few things that need to keep in mind such as the specific requirements as well as for instructions for applying. Thus, if you are amateur regarding this, then the process might be time-consuming as well as challenging. If you want to reduce your precious time wasted during the application processing, you may prefer to work with a skilled company service provider.

Here are a few types of MOM Work Pass

Employment Pass for Singapore

This is considered as a major type of work visa in Singapore. MOM issues Employment Pass to professionals who would like to work in this country. The local sponsor or appointed agent applies to MOM Work passes to get this pass for foreign professionals.

Overseas employers without a registered Singapore office, too, can hire foreigners to work in Singapore. They must get one of the local companies to act as a local sponsor on their behalf. This sponsor applies to the Ministry of Manpower manually and gets this pass for a new employee of the foreigner employer.

What are the main Facts of EP?
  • Renewals of EP valid for 3 years.
  • Qualified professionals can easily apply for EP
  • If you are first-time candidates, then the validity is up to two years.
  • You should have a job offer in this country
What are the types of EP?

P1, P2, & Q1

Check out Eligibility Criteria

  • Accept only Qualified professionals
  • Monthly salary should be S$9,000 monthly

Accept only Qualified professionals

Monthly salary should be S$4,500 monthly


Experience & quality of work will be encountered

The earning of a young graduate should be S$3,700 monthly


The applications of S Pass are evaluated according to multiple criteria such as job type, skills, qualification, work experience, & salary. On top of that, it is imperative to keep your mind about the visa to be utilized for entry.

What is the Eligibility of S Pass?

In Singapore, the technicians' foreigners who would like to work can apply for S Pass. Here are some criteria which should be fulfilled by candidates:

  • Years' work experience
  • Fixed salary s$2,400 monthly
  • Technical certificates
  • Diploma or degree
  • Type of job

LOC (Letter of Consent)?

Who is eligible for LOC (Letter of Consent)?

Check out some Eligibility criteria for LOC

Here are some eligible for LOC:

  • Unmarried of a permanent or Singaporean resident & also holds an LTVP.
  • A DP holder who is a dependant of PEP, EntrePass or EP holder.
  • Married of a permanent or Singaporean resident & also holds an LTVP.
Who can apply LOC (Letter of Consent)?

The employment agent may apply for the LOC. You may start working after the Singapore employer has got the Letter of Consent.

DP (Dependant's Pass)

DP allows the quick family members of a MOM work pass such as S Pass, EntrePass, PEP, EP holder to stay in this country.

What are the main Documents needed for a Dependant's Pass application
  • Applicant's Document relationship with EP holder.
  • Duly filled application form
  • The personal specific page of travel or passport document of candidate
  • Applicant photograph

So, in a nutshell, you may approach Jaanik which can provide assistance in applying for MOM work pass.

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