Singapore is considered as a renowned business hub and financial centre. It doesn’t matter how great the legal system is, however, not something that all people can comprehend within a short time is. Concerning this, the solution is to get legal work from hiring a professional company offering legal services in Singapore.

Legal Service

Legal service is an imperative contemplation for small business owners. It is because they often face lots of legal issues. Some legal hurdles generally faced by owner:

  • Wrongful termination
  • Copyright claims
  • Sexual harassment lawsuits
  • Incorporation
  • Business protection against discrimination
  • Handling employee contracts

On top of that, the legal services companies have a wide range of highly experienced and reliable lawyers who have amazing skills to offer support related to legal issues as well as employment laws. The experience and expertise of the team provide you practical as well as strategic solutions to your all kind of legal issues such as multi-national corporations. To determine and comprehend your situations, the legal team has a great sense of business development.

At Jaanik, we believe there is a great method to do legally. We provide easily accessible as well as a valuable way where you can get services in a flexible, respectful and transparent manner. When you choose us for your legal service, you will have a great experience.

Trademark Registration

A trademark is known as a company logo or business name. Well, the most important thing is that it should be unique, remember the able name so your clients can determine your business name amongst the competitors. If you are going to take your business on height, then registration of trademarks is essential. Here are some amazing benefits which you can avail by registering the trademark:

  • If you have a registered trademark, then it will offer you extra protections such as reduce the burden of proof as well as presumed ownership.
  • As a business owner, if you would like to expand your business into other countries, you can use your registration for the filing of the foreign trademark.
  • On top of that, after your trademark business, you can use the symbol, “®”, which shows your mark is federally registered. Moreover, it adds your company's prestige.
  • More importantly, you are 100% sure that your trademark is not the same as any other trademark.
  • Unfortunately, if you breach upon other trademark or name, the registered trademark person can sue you. As a result, you have to pay legal fines and fees.
Business Partnership Disputes Resolution

If you are considering rocky waters with your partner, then you can avail professional legal advice at an affordable price with us. We have a reliable as well as a professional lawyer who will assist you to resolve the disputes on a note.

Wealth Management Services

Well, managing wealth is a daunting task in today’s modern world. For a business owner, they have to do a good investment plan as well as accurate tax planning. We all know that everybody is not familiar with this field. If you want to do proper management, then you should have good knowledge as well as expertise. Our proficient team provides a professional Wealth Management service. It is a mixture of investment, retirement planning, and financial advice.

Personal Data Protection Help

Here, Personal data means data or sensitive information about a person who can be determined from that data. The main personal data are listed below:

  • Name
  • Telephone numbers
  • Address
  • Bank account details
  • Date of birth

We know that the Personal Data Protection Act creates a data protection law which is involved rules in reserving the gathering of data, disclosure, and use. More importantly, our lawyer can assist you to deal with setup and regulator data protection systems.

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