Company Secretary Singapore

Company Secretary Singapore

Every company incorporated in Singapore is required to appoint a corporate secretary. As per the Companies Act, you need to appoint a corporate secretary within 6 months of incorporation. The company secretary ensures that your company complies with the rules and regulations of the IRAS and ACRA.

It is of great importance that you hire the right company secretary who would not only comply with the Singapore Companies Act but also be responsive to all your queries and offer perfect guidance. At Jaanik, we provide you with the most reliable company secretary services in Singapore. Our professionals are:

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Qualifications of a Company Secretary

Apart from fulfilling the basic requirements such as being a resident of Singapore and completing 18 years, the company secretary should fulfill any of the following criteria. He/she needs to:

  • have an experience of at least 3 of the 5 years immediately preceding their appointment as your company’s secretary
  • be a public accountant registered under the Accountants Act (Cap. 2)
  • hold a membership in the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Singapore
  • be a qualified person under the Legal Profession Act, Cap. 161
  • be a member of the Singapore Association of the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators
  • hold a membership in the Institute of Company Accountants, Singapore
  • be a member of the Association of International Accountants, Singapore Branch
Responsibilities of a Company Secretary

Read on to learn about the responsibilities of a company secretary to his/her company, shareholders and the directors.

Responsibility to the Company • Safeguards the company’s business interests
• Ensures appropriate corporate governance
• Adheres to statutory obligations
• Physically present at the company’s registered office address
Responsibility to the Directors • Advises directors on important business aspects
• Shares timely information to directors
• Contributes effectively during board meetings
Responsibility to the Shareholders • Communicate diligently with shareholders
• Protects their interests
• Prepares financial statements on time
• Helps shareholders to make vital decisions in the company’s AGM
Duties of a Company Secretary

The company secretary has multiple duties, some of which are core in nature and the others are fiduciary duties. He/she is bound to be systematic and possess effective communication skills. Find below the duties of a company secretary in Singapore.

General Meetings:

Facilitate Annual General Meetings, thus complying with the company’s constitution and the Companies Act

Board Meetings:

Organise board meetings and assist in the company’s decision-making process


Advise the board of directors on the Memorandum & Articles of Association (MAA)

Compliance with ACRA
  • Maintaining registers
  • Keeping a record of share transfers
  • Filing annual accounts
  • Lodging a notice on the removal or resignation of auditors
  • Notifying the change of the registered office address
Appropriate Corporate Governance
  • Ensure that the directors practice good corporate governance
  • Implement corporate strategies
  • Make sure the board’s decisions are adhered to and communicated
Company Seal and Identity
  • Ascertain the appropriate use of company seal
  • Ensure that the official publications carry the company’s name and Unique Entity Number (UEN)
Mergers and Restructures:

Take care of the company’s interests during the implementation of mergers, acquisitions and restructuring

International Operations:

In case, the company is involved in overseas operations, ensure that they are established in accordance with the appropriate provisions and laws

Company Insurance:

Make sure that the company, its officers, directors and staff are adequately insured

Fiduciary Duties
  • Keep away from conflicts of interests
  • Vouch for the best interests of the company
  • Do not make illegitimate profits or personal dealings on behalf of the company
  • Assure meticulous performance of duties
Powers of a Company Secretary

In Singapore, a company secretary has the power to:

  • Join any one of the company’s directors in issuing certified copies of the company’s resolution
  • Execute official documents under the common seal
  • Authenticate documents and convene formal proceedings of the company
  • Our professionals at Jaanik have almost a decade of experience in performing their duties as company secretaries. Our sincerity towards our directors and shareholders and our ethics in maintaining the company’s confidentiality is vouched for by our satisfied clients. Be it our handling of your administrative affairs or our timely compliance of statutory requirements, you may rely on us. Contact us NOW for an efficient and affordable company secretary.

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